Available to Stream/Download now everywhere: https://jhnb.me/DISCONNECTED

With a career spanning over two decades, John B has captivated global audiences with his distinctive style, versatility and unforgettable performances. He continues to be a driving force in the Drum & Bass scene, constantly reinventing his sound and exploring new sonic landscapes.

“Disconnected” is a stressed-out Punk/DNB audio representation an agitated middle aged man’s inner turmoil dealing with malfunctioning technology. Grappling with the annoyance of home network infrastructure malfunctions, smart home devices freaking out and, just, everything – John B rants his way through a shouty anthem for all our collective technological frustrations.

An anthem for everyone who’s lost it when the Wi-Fi goes down, Alexa won’t listen, Spotify keeps playing completely the wrong song & Siri sends the Sat-Nav off a cliff. “Yes I have tried turning it off and on again!”

A huge hit with John’s crowds at gigs over the last 18 months – from Liquicity to Let It Roll and Vienna to Twitchcon.

To complement the track’s manic energy, John B has also directed, edited, and starred in a suitably bonkers music video, guaranteeing an unforgettable visual experience to accompany the auditory assault of “Disconnected”.

Check out the track on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/johnb/john-b-disconnected

The release of “Disconnected” marks yet another ground-breaking moment in John B’s illustrious career.

For more information and updates on John B and his upcoming release, stay tuned to his social media channels and visit www.beta-recordings.com.